Wojtek Pilichowski has been working as a musician since 1992. His first solo album was realised in 1994.
He has realised 10 solo albums till now (over 100 000 copies). He is an author of 4 guides and lessons for bass guitar.
The last solo album has also appeared in DVD version. As a session bass guitar player He realised over 120 albums-
-most of them with the greatest stars of polish music world. He took part in thousands of great projects and concerts.
He was repeatedly entreat for cooperation with famous worldwide musicians such as Enrique Iglesias, Tony Royster Jr
or Chris de Burgh during their visit in Poland. Wojtek is one of the most famous and recognised bass guitar lecturer,
who lead the most prestige workshops in Poland. Pilichowski was nominated three times for Polish Phonographic Academy Award. He was selected seven times by readers of "Guitar and Bass" as the best polish bass guitar player. Fourfold laureate of Play Box Award which he received form polish broadcasting stations.
Since 2005 he was guest of festivals: Euro Bass Day (Italy), European Bass Day (Germany), UK Bass Day,
Bass Player Live (US). He is invited for shows and concerts from Almaty to Los Angeles. In 2002 Wojtek supported his bass guitar concord by Ashdown amplifier. Presently Wojtek works with following artists and music groups: Pilichowski Band, PiR2, Kasia Kowalska, Borysewicz Kukiz, Jan Bo, Rock Loves Chopin.

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